Michaelego... Boulder 2014... a different way to remember....

Day one... checking out the end of the road
Day 2 Scott Carpenter Play-space
Day 3 hot chocolate going to my head...

Day 4 - checking out the local wildlife... after a day of fossil hunting and dinosaurs

Day five... Farmers' Market - close encounters with heirloom tomatoes...
Day 6 - swinging about, taking life easy.
Day 7 - first visit to Downtown Aquarium in Denver
Day 8 - playing in the fountains on Pearl Street, Boulder.
Day 9 - back at the aquarium again... I was a marine biologist for the day
Day 10 - on stage, in Boulder

No photo for Day 11 ... too busy playing and swimming and celebrating 4th July for the first time ever.

Day 12 - climbing mountains in Estes Park

Day 13 - at the cinema... Dragon Trainer 2. It was a great film, I want to watch it again.

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