Sunday, 3 April 2016

Green King Dragon!

The Green King Dragon!
The Green King Dragon is a Very loyal Dragon. It has moveable wings, head, legs, feet, tail and body.
There a very few of these Dragons Left. Nobody knows what happend to them, most of them just disappeared.  It shoots a Green Fire which can explode. it Can also shoot spikes and poison Gas.

Attack power 10

Speed Power 8

Fire power 9

Tail power 8

fear factor 10

Total 45



The Bone Dragon is Hard as Bone To deal with!

The bone Dragon is a dragon that died and half way to The under World it got Stuck In the Caves of Despair! After That it finds its way up to Our World! Its Fire is bone Poison which is a mix between poison Gas and Bones

Attack power 6

Speed Power Is 7

Fire Power 7

Tail Power 4

fear Factor 7

total 31


Robot Dragon a fierce enemy if found.

This dragon has moveable leg's arm's tail head, wings, feet and more!
 it took me a long time to build this master piece...
Its Teeth do tend to fall off some times but it's not that bad :)
Its has a canon tail with Golden spikes and a missile under the tail and under the tummy.

i wasnt happy with the legs but i found no other suitble legs for it...
Because they were The wrong colour for the theme.