Saturday, 21 June 2014

Guardian of the Fire Temple

Guardian of the Water Temple

another shot of the Water Temple guardian

The Grass Temple Guardian

Guardian of the Grass Castle

The Grass Castle Guardian again

This is Bowser from Mario

another shot of Bowser

This is the Guardian of the Stone Temple

Stone Temple Guardian again.

Skeleton Monster

This is the skeleton monster. Skeletons can ride it. It can fly for example it can move its mouth, it can move its arms and its feet. And it can move its tail.

this is the back view - here you can see the tail.

Korpdoss flying vehicle

This is Korpdoss's flying vehicle that he can fly around with

This is the side view of the flying vehicle. It is a high speed vehicle. It can also grab things with its claws. The wings can move.

Lego mini figures

Snicksters - he is a snake guardian

x-moss - the wizard of the mummies

a snake wizard

side-view of the snake wizard

Korpdoss - the wizard of the metal Ravens

side view of Korpdoss

close up of The Legendary Wizard - Exeetoss.


Skeleton airplane

for longer journies the skeletons use airplanes.

you can see ears... it has ears so that it can hear things below in case of attack.

it has landing feet underneath

Skeleton Rider

This is a Skeleton riding a skeleton rider. It has an extra boost on the back, and it has some spines in the front.

This is the side view - you can see the light in blue...

this is the back view.